The 3 best products to prevent spots on the face and useful tips

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They can be small or large, reddish, brown or purplish. They are not dangerous but still represent a nuisance: preventing stains on the face is possible, just follow a few small precautions.

Prolonged exposure to the sun, continuous use of harsh cosmetics for the skin, a diet low in vitamins. Many factors can cause stains on the skin, avoid them with the advice and products that we recommend in the following paragraphs.

products to prevent spots on the face

Let’s discover together the creams recommended to prevent spots on the face:

Ever lighter textures, possibility of use also as a make-up base and protection factor against sunburn. Creams that protect you from UV rays and prevent the formation of skin spots ensure maximum performance with minimum dosage. Here are our favourites!

Noreva Iklen SPF 50+

Best quality price report

Specific photoprotective cream to treat localized spots but also skin treated with laser or with the presence of scars. It protects against UV rays thanks to the synergy of specific sunscreens that provide complete protection with the minimum dosage.

It reduces and prevents the formation of spots on the skin by acting directly on the production of melanin. It prevents skin aging and does so with a pleasant texture, light and easy to apply.

Our opinion

Applied 15 minutes before sun exposure, it is a must if you are looking for a good high protection cream. The application must obviously be renewed in the event of prolonged exposure to the sun, after sport or swimming to obtain the best results.

Most ? Although it is very rich, it really dries in record time. An excellent ally to prevent spots on the face without stress.

Noreva Iklen Spf50

Noreva Iklen Spf50


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  • Iklen sunscreen
  • 30ml tube
  • In excessively spicy skin

Fotoultra 100 ISDIN Active Unify Color SPF 50+

For total protection

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It is a BB Cream that protects against UV rays with a very high SPF factor ranging from 50+ to 100+. The DP3-Unify complex acts directly on the production of melanin and protects up to twice as much as traditional photoprotectors.

Fluid and light, it smoothes and reduces imperfections, smoothing the complexion and therefore also making it useful as a make-up base. Waterproof, it guarantees excellent lightening results after a month of constant use.

Our opinion

Prevents and masks imperfections but be careful not to use it around the eyes! This tinted photoprotective cream is excellent for giving the complexion a pleasant matte effect and complete protection against UV rays.

Two colors are available: medium for SPF 50+, clear for SPF 100+. The results are there but it tends to dry out the skin, which is why it is not indicated for the treatment of dry and very dry skin.

FotoUltra100 ISDIN Active Unify Color SPF 50+ 50ml

FotoUltra100 ISDIN Active Unify Color SPF 50+ 50ml


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to Jul 7, 2022 9:32 AM


  • Brightens and unifies the complexion; helps reduce and prevent pigmentary changes caused by the sun
  • Helps regulate melanin production thanks to the DP3-Unify Complex which acts on the main phases of melanogenesis
  • Evens out the complexion thanks to its colored formulation
  • Offers protection against UVA rays, responsible for the pigmentation process, 2 times greater than the minimum required by an SPF 50+ sunscreen; SPF 106; UVA 49
  • Its Fusion Fluid texture blends with the skin

Heliocare 360 ​​​​​​° Airgel SPF 50+

Prevention in spray format

For those looking for a comfortable and lightweight solution. Photoprotective day cream, protects against the harmful effects of UV rays and fights against skin aging with an ultra-light gel texture to be sprayed on like a spray.

It is easy to apply and penetrates in record time, leaving the complexion even and the skin very soft. And the protection is great since the sunscreens that make it up are broad-spectrum, specific against UVB, VIS, IR-A rays.

Our opinion

A cream that protects 100% from UV rays and counteracts skin aging thanks to Fernblock XP and Roxisomi complexes, excellent for repairing damage caused by solar rays. The green tea, vitamin E and vitamin C contained in the formulation enrich the product, helping to protect it without weighing it down.

How to prevent spots on the face? Some useful tips

Age, exposure to UV rays, a diet low in specific nutrients. But also the use of aggressive and unsuitable cosmetic products for the skin type, poor hygiene and facial skin care. There are many reasons why the formation of dark spots on the face occurs and that is why we must always prevent.

Prevention is better than cure. That’s why you need to follow a few simple rules that will help your skin to always be beautiful and healthy, without annoying imperfections.

Sole yes but with some precautions

If tanning is essential for you and in summer you never give up on a nice tan, there is good news: you don’t have to give up the sun but know how to tan with a clear conscience! For this, it is sufficient to use a high-filtering sunscreen before exposing yourself to the sun and taking a bath.

The application must be repeated after bathing and during sun exposure, especially if it is prolonged. And if you stay in town or prefer the mountains? The speech does not change: sunscreen must always be applied in all cases. Even when you play sports or go to the swimming pool.

Protecting yourself from the sun is essential to avoid spots on the face. A golden rule that will help you maintain fresh and healthy skin throughout your life.

Eat well and don’t forget the vitamins

A healthy and correct diet is the basis of the well-being of the skin. The skin reflects who we are and what we feed on, which is why it is essential to pay particular attention to it when we are at the table.

In addition to avoiding various junk foods high in fats and sugars, it is recommended to eat plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits, making sure to balance each meal. Vegetables and fruits are very rich in fiber and vitamins, the same ones that make the difference in preventing skin imperfections!

Among these, it is impossible not to mention Vitamin C and Vitamin E, formidable for protecting against free radicals and specific for preventing the formation of spots on the face. You can easily find them in foods such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, broccoli, carrots, parsley, spinach, kale, and citrus fruits.

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Use cosmetics that suit your skin (and keep an eye on the label)

Sometimes it is the use of harsh cosmetic products that form the dreaded skin spots. In this case, start using cosmetics according to your skin’s needs: natural formulations, light textures and fragrance-free make the difference.

Learn to read the INCI, the list of ingredients that make up each cosmetic. Only then will you find out how to properly prevent the problem of brown and red spots on the skin.

Take care of your skin with care

Skin care is important. Taking care of your skin requires appropriate times, methods and products. It’s not difficult, but you have to get used to the idea that good prevention depends above all on good hygiene of the skin of the face.

Wash your face in the morning as soon as you wake up and in the evening before going to bed. Use specific products, follow the different product application steps and take the time to treat your skin. You will notice the difference and look younger and younger over time.

Treat yourself to a scrub or scrub

Do every week a scrub or, more sporadically, a home peeling eliminates dead cells and stimulates cell renewal. In addition to preventing and lightening spots on the face, especially the darker ones.

Exfoliation can be done at home with DIY Recipes quick and easy. For exfoliation, we always recommend the advice of a professional so that the treatment is always safe and adapted to your needs.

If the spots on the face are already present: remedies and tips to lighten them

If it’s too late to prevent and the spots are already present on your skin, consider using creams that help lighten them. For the results, it is essential to use them consistently, at least daily or in any case weekly.

Lightening products contribute to cell renewal, gradually eliminating the dark pigmentation present. These are usually treatments that contain acids in low percentages that are safe to use at home, such asglycolic acid. These can be creams, scrubs or serums but the rule is common to all: they should not be used during the summer months. The reason? They are photosensitizers, so they could make the problem worse if used incorrectly.

Always use sunscreen. And do not forget to follow the above rules, which are still valid even in the presence of spots on the skin.

Now that we have given you our advice, we want to know yours: how and with what to prevent blemishes on the face? Tell us with a comment!

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