The 20 sexiest men’s beard cuts of 2022

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The beard is today a way of life, very fashionable and very fashionable, especially in recent years. There are a thousand ways to wear it: long, short, neat or rebellious. The important thing is to know how to associate it with the right haircut, to sublimate even more this virile and sexy aspect that we love so much. Keep reading the post to discover 20 must-have ideas, ranging from urban chic to classic and timeless style.

1. Short Shaded Hair and Beard

Short, shady hair and beard
Author source: @Hairmensguide

It’s a classic that never goes out of style, ideal for men with straight, thin hair. The beard is neatly shaved, short and easy to maintain. You can achieve this look by simply using a fine-toothed comb and a small electric razor.

2. Beard and long hair

Man beard and long hair
Instagram source: @KAIHAIRSTUDIO

Long, wild hair is becoming increasingly popular with men of all ages. The combination of flowing hair and a full but well-shaped beard is perfect if you like to step out of the ordinary. Create the look using a hair dryer, heat shield spray and a beard comb.

3. Cut with the center line

Cut with center line
Source Instagram @tanbe_hairsalon

It is a fresh and contemporary idea, very popular especially in Europe. Use a fine tooth comb to create the center line and complete the look with a sharp electric razor, perfect for keeping your beard tidy. Swipe some gel through your hair for a touch of glamour.

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4. Men’s hair with eccentric colors

Eccentric Hair Colors for Men

Do you want to dare? Don’t be afraid to do it! Bright colors aren’t just for teens or just one sex! This captivating purple makes the look original, enhanced by a full-bodied and well-shaped beard. Use a wide tooth comb to style colored highlights and a small beard razor.

5. Side Part with Short Beard

Side part with short beard

This is the perfect idea if you have soft, fine hair. The beard is very neat and perfectly sculpted, modeled with a precision razor and held in place with a specific gel. Try this look if you like elegance and sobriety.

6. Haircut with a very long beard

Haircut with a very long beard
Instagram / @barber_nikos

This style combines a simple haircut, with a super long and standout beard. The hair is combed back, styled with a delicate wax. The beard is smooth and long, perfectly styled using a fine comb and a passage of moisturizing oil.

7. Very accentuated hue

Very accentuated tint

This is one of the most requested hairstyles of 2022. The shading is done with a sharp electric razor (in different lengths). The beard is present only on the chin, but not on the cheeks, which remain uncovered and completely smooth.

9. Undercut cut with geometries

Undercut cut with geometries

A very original idea and difficult to achieve (ask your hairdresser/barber for help). To achieve this level of precision, you need a very sharp razor, to be used with a matte finish wax (or gel) to set the hair on top of the head.

9. Beard and light gray hair

Light gray hair and beard
Instagram Author / @Legendary.Barber

The silver hair is perfectly sculpted and shaded, impeccably groomed as well as the beard, quite long and square. Bright and fashionable color enhances the overall appearance. If you have a dark complexion, the “wow” effect is guaranteed!

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10. Unruly beard and hair with tail

Beard and unruly hair with tail
SourceIG / @carolbarberbc

Even a long beard, as long as it’s not neglected and worn out, can be classy and refined. Use a wide tooth comb and specific wax to style it. Gather your long hair into a soft bun, to be styled at the top of the head.

11. Wavy Hair and Short Beard

Wavy hair and short beard

If you have naturally wavy hair, this combination is gorgeous! Use a soft brush to style the strands and apply the gel to hold them in place. Keep your beard very short and tidy, don’t forget to moisturize it with special oil.

12. Very short hair and beard

Short hair and beard
Instagram / @Next_Professional_Salon

Put your beard in the center of the spotlight, leaving it long and well shaped. Cut your hair short, shave it over. It’s a look that’s easy to create, touch up with just a standard razor. Blend the beard towards the scalp using a fine blade.

13. Short and Sculpted Cut for Men

Short and fitted cut for men

This look features a geometric pattern created at the hairline, precisely and creatively. The beard is similarly structured, but held longer and softer, in stark contrast to the very short hair.

14. Unkempt beard and curly hair

Unkempt beard and curly hair

Not sure how to tame beard and curly hair? Here is the idea for you! Keep your hair short (but not too short) and style it with a round brush. Keep streaks at bay with a matte mousse. The beard is very short, cut with a sharp blade.

15. “Hawk” cut

Similar fit "falcon"
Author: Instagram / @hippiesandcowboysbarbershop

Halfway between the “hawk” cut and the “mohican” cut, but simpler and easier to achieve. The curvature of the tuft is soft and discreet; the beard is full-bodied and well groomed. Create the look with a fine-toothed comb, hair oil and a specific matte beard wax.

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16. For lovers of the simple and effective “Rasta” style

For sim lovers "Rasta" simple and efficient
IG Author / @Strengthisinthehair

It’s a real rock star look, made up of long dreadlocks, braided to keep frizzy hair at bay. The beard is kept simple and short, deliberately left basic to draw attention to the hair. To achieve this style, you need the help of expert hands.

17. Sculpted straight beard and slightly cheesy hair

Stiff and nerdy sculpted beard and hair

This is the perfect style if you have very straight and fine hair. Hair appears silky and shiny, combed back with a comb and fine teeth. The beard is neat and well structured, skilfully modeled with a good specific wax.

18. Geometric Design Beard

Beard with geometric pattern

If you love creative looks, this might be the style for you! The intricate designs created on the beard require expert hands, with the use of a precise and sharp blade. Use a simple brush to style your hair, in a fresh and soft way.

19. Haircut and beard light/dark effect

Haircut and beard light/dark effect

Do you have gray hair and a black beard? No problem! Create a beautiful eye-catching, original and anti-reflective contrast. The beard is cared for and hydrated with specific vegetable oils. The hair is combed back, with the addition of a bit of shine gel.

20. Tuft and Goatee

tuft and goatee

Goats perfectly highlight both round and square faces. Better to avoid them if your face is sharp. Complete the look with a hairstyle embellished with a tuft of bangs, ideal for balancing out the features. The beard is well shaped and trimmed with a fine blade razor.

Take care of your appearance as you see fit, it’s a gesture of love that is priceless! The beard is becoming more and more popular; many brands offer specific products never seen before. You have all the possibilities to achieve the look of your dreams. What are you waiting for?

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