The 10 best hairstyles for men with wavy hair in 2022

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Wavy hair has amazing texture and is incredibly versatile: not as frizzy as curly locks, not “slippery” like straight hair. A balanced compromise, which goes well with all types of male faces.

If you have wavy hair and are looking for the perfect look, follow these tips and you’ll get the perfect lock. With the right styling products, you will learn how to style your hair properly, with defined, shiny and sensual waves.

Many rock stars of yesterday and today proudly wear the wavy style (also called “shag”) in a more or less rebellious way, with long and seductive locks, or short and cheeky. This cut is also popular on TikTok, usually shown with short hair on the sides and back, but long and thick in the front.

The wavy style is perfect for all male face shapes. There are no hard and fast rules to follow; if you like the look, give it a try without fear of going wrong! The little extra: ask the hairdresser for a loose cut, to avoid weighing down the hair, which would otherwise appear flat on the top of the head.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge, hire a trained professional who can achieve the perfect cut based on the shape and density of your hair. It is very important to cut the wicks with the right technique, to avoid unpleasant and unmanageable results.

How to style wavy hair for men? Dry them in the open air, or with a cold hair dryer equipped with a diffuser. Gently comb the waves with a wide-toothed brush; apply the hairspray to the roots before moving on to the final pose. Of course, feel free to move, modify or create new variations, according to your personal taste.

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Ready for some inspiration? Check out 10 of the best wavy hairstyles for men, with helpful tips to get the style you’ve always dreamed of!

1 TikTok style wavy hair for men

TikTok Style Men's Wavy Hair
INSTAGRAM: @darrelljoness

It is the evolution of the “E-boy” cut: the sides are well finished, close to the ears, while the top is dense and full of waves formed in different directions, to add complexity and depth to the looks. Apply a setting spray to the roots and upper half of the hair shaft before working into the ends.

2. Wavy shag haircut – Timothée Chalamet

It’s a seemingly chaotic and rebellious style, perfect if you like the casual look. Style the locks with a curling iron and alternate large and small waves.

Alternatively, blow-dry your hair with a diffuser to create thicker, denser curls. Apply a light mousse to add volume, body and shine to the hair.

shag wavy haircut
Instagram: @TCHALAMET

3. Medium wavy hair like Dev Patel

This textured cut was created with a special pair of scissors, keeping the same length around the entire perimeter of the head.

To achieve the same result, apply a styling product to the still damp waves and let your hair air dry. Choose a specific cosmetic that can combat the frizz effect.

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Medium wavy hair like Dev Patel
Instagram: @devpatelit

4. Rounded wavy cut

This is the ideal hairstyle if you have curly hair (medium to narrow) as it maintains the structure of the style. It is not recommended if you have soft and large waves; in this case, it would be difficult to achieve this particular result without the aid of a curling iron or a perm.

Rounded wavy cut
Singer Instagram @jackharlow

5. Man Wavy Hair with Centerline

It is the updated version of the classic center line, with wavy side locks to make the hairstyle more eye-catching.

It is perfect if you have a high and wide forehead. It’s a simple yet effective look. Hold it in place by applying a setting spray to wet hair, to add definition, shine and fight frizz.

Wavy men's hair with center line
Instagram: @tomy_the_barber

6. The Man’s “Sea Salt Spray” Blur Effect

Blur effect "Sea salt" man
Instagram @MARLONTX

Here is gorgeous wavy hair made even wilder by using sea salt spray, which is great for adding texture and depth to the look. Moisturize the hair at the ends only to prevent it from overdrying.

To get a Sea Salt Spray effect, we recommend trying:

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7. Low Shade Short Cut

This look features a quirky layered fade that stylishly reveals a naturally wavy texture, modeled across the top of the head. This is a great choice if you have very wavy or curly hair that is difficult to style and manage.

Short cut with low gradient

8. High Shade Short Haircut

Here is another example of a gradient for the choppy men’s cut. In this case, it narrows slightly towards the top of the head and then shows large waves formed in different directions. Apply a shimmering, moisturizing cream to hair, perfect for adding shine and highlighting strands.

High Shade Short Haircut

9. Fade for very curly men’s hair

Bold use of color, high ombre on the sides and a flood of tight curls on the top and back of the head. It is an attractive and trendy hairstyle, which may not suit everyone. Choose it if you have very wavy hair and like to be the center of attention.

10. “Pompadour” Hairstyle for Men’s Wavy Hair

Elegant, refined and seductive; here is the perfect hairstyle if you like the “Pompadour” style with high hair on top and shorter waves on the sides. Shape the top of the head with a moisturizing wax, to separate the strands and hold them in place, giving shine and definition.

Have you found the style that suits you? Choose your favorite look and immediately call the hairdresser to show off an irresistible new hairstyle!

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