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On Tik Tok it’s officially the Dream Coat Color WOW mania: the trend has been viral for more than a month with rivers of likes and sales records all over the world. But what is it? And why has it become a global phenomenon in such a short time?

Dream Coat is the moisture-wicking, anti-frizz hair sealant spray that keeps style smooth, shiny and silky for up to three washes. Control frizz, make hair silky smooth using only the hair dryer, and keep hair from blowing up for 72 hours.

Dream Coat Color WOW Hair Sealing Spray

He is spray used by Kim Kardashian, beauty secret for beautiful hair like those of the stars. Will it really be like this? I tried it. And that’s what you absolutely need to know – keep reading to find out more!

Dream Coat Color WOW Hair Sealing Spray – Features and Benefits

Dream Coat Color WOW is one hair sealant spray useful for fighting frizz and humidity with effects that last three washes. Specific for colored and very frizzy hair, it does not contain silicones and is formulated to maintain hydration levels and prevent the hair fiber from drying out.

This is a technology inspired by the textile world: i polymers who compose it they only activate with the heat of the hair dryer and create a barrier on the hair capable of repelling humidity with a waterproof effect. This results in the ability to protect hair from humidity and therefore avoid swelling as often happens in these cases.

WOW dream coat color

The results? Smooth and silky hair even in the case of natural waves and the much sought-after mirror effect with extreme shine that remains from one wash to the next.

The advantages are many:

  • Anti-humidity effect
  • Improved styling with more defined and long-lasting results
  • Reduced drying times
  • Anti-frizz effect
  • Thermal protection of straighteners, hair dryers and irons
  • Anti-humidity effect
  • Smooth silky effect
  • Mirror hair: revitalized reflections and extreme shine
  • Immediately detangles knots without breaking the hair
  • 72 hours of non-stop hydration
  • Shiny and light hair
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Unlike hair oils, Dream Coat is a light, non-greasy water so it is suitable for all hair types on which it should always be used before styling.

Dream Coat Color WOW – How to use it

It is activated only with the heat of the hair dryer and cannot be used in case of natural drying of the hair. Drying must always be complete, never partial.

You can dry with the hair dryer alone or choose to also use the rotating brush for even more defined styling results. It should be used every 3 washes and always applied before drying. Like, how? By following these steps:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner (or mask)
  1. Dab hair and remove excess moisture with a microfiber turban (important step for product success)
  1. Divide hair into sections
  1. Spray Dream Coat on individual strands, working close to the hairline
  1. Style your hair and blow dry
  1. Dry your hair completely

You can use the straightener to achieve 100% perfect straightening if you are very wavy or your hair is too unruly like mine.

Dream Coat Color WOW Hair Sealing Spray

A bit like Apple for technology, Color Wow is avant-garde for professional hair care. For more than 25 years, the brand founded by Gail Federici has been providing solutions to the problems of colored and neglected hair with innovative formulas and natural and mineral ingredients capable of revolutionizing each hair.

Intrigued by the thousands of reviews on the net and the most viral videos on social networks, I tested Dream Coat Supernatural Spray in its basic version. The product is in fact also available in the version for curls, useful to give them definition and softness.

WOW dream coat color

Mine is naturally wavy hair, brittle at the lengths and ends, greasy at the roots and very frizzy. It tends to swell with humidity and barely stays fashionable throughout the day. I used Dream Coat for a month, using it every 3 washes before styling and testing it with heat, humidity, rain and sweat.

Here’s how it went.

Packaging, texture, perfume, INCI and PAO

Chrome-plated bottle of 200 ml, it is equipped with a traditional spray nebulizer with protective spout. The directions and instructions on the back of the packaging are only available in English and French, but they are very clear if you are fluent in the languages.

The amount is sufficient for at least 3-4 months of normal use on long hair. If it is customary to carry out several washes, the duration will be slightly shorter. The bottle is convenient to use and the product keeps well if stored in a cool place away from humidity and heat sources.

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The consistency of the spray is thin and very light on the hair to the point that it feels like water. The sensation is further enhanced by the absence of scents which make this spray different from others on the market.

Packaging, texture, fragrance

Below is the full INCI:

Aqua/Water/Water, Dipropylene Glycol, Polysilicone-29, Dmdm Hydantoin, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Silicone Quaternium-18, Butylene Glycol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Trideceth-7, Trideceth-12, Phenoxyacthanol, Chamomatricaria Recutita) Flower (Extract) Calendula Officinalis flower extract, potassium sorbate, potassium benzoate, citric acid

The EAP is for 12 months from opening.

Effectiveness and results

Tested in various situations, Dream Coat Color WOW has met all expectations.

Contrary to some negative opinions that describe it as useless or harmful to the hair, in reality the prodigious sealing spray of Color WOW is a precious ally for those who have colored and frizzy hair.

Already in the styling phase, the hair is easier to comb and manage with a substantial reduction in drying times (I have reduced times by more than 70% considering the unruly nature of my hair). Wavy hair after drying is no longer frizzy but soft, silky and very shiny even without the use of the straightener.

Just look at these photos to realize the results obtained with styling done with a hair dryer and brush. The hair is cared for, light and silky as when leaving the hairdresser!

After using Dream Coat Color WOW

And the anti-humidity effect? It works very well: the hair does not swell in contact with humidity and rain, remaining perfectly styled without retouching until the next day. For the first time when I woke up, I had no problem with frizz or electrostatics, making it easier to style my hair before going to work (much to my delight). As for the sweat, unfortunately the anti-humidity effect gives way a little but it is a very limited effect which is resolved by a quick wiping of the plate the next day.

After using Dream Coat Color WOW

Are there any contraindications? No: it does not dirty the hair, it does not dry it out, it has no perfume and can be combined with any shampoo, conditioner or mask. The effects really last up to three washes as the hair stays silky and manageable even between one shampoo and another.

Dream Coat Color WOW: success or failure?

Tik Tok is not mistaken either this time: doing without this spray becomes impossible once used.

Dream Coat Color WOW is the styling spray that should never be missing in the routine of damaged, colored and stressed hair. Advantages: the lightness, the absence of perfumes and the effects that last up to three washes. It facilitates styling, reduces drying times, does not flatten the hair and has an anti-frizz and anti-humidity effect to show silky and smooth hair without using a straightener.

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A professional hair spray with good ingredients and advanced technology that works perfectly. It does not damage the hair but enhances it, making it an excellent ally for frizzy, colored, wavy or damaged hair.

The only precaution: it activates only with the heat of the hair dryertherefore, to achieve real results, drying must be thorough and the hair very well towel dried.

If you liked the opinion, would you like to tell me yours or ask me other questions, I am waiting for you in the comments to talk about it together. See you next time!


What is Dream Coat Color WOW?

It is a fixing spray for the hair with an anti-frizz, anti-humidity, thermo-protective and polishing effect.

What is Dream Coat Color WOW used for?

Dream Coat Color WOW is designed for colour-treated, frizzy and stressed hair and is useful for fighting frizz, protecting against humidity and heat from styling tools, polishing hair and keeping it smooth and silky for 3 washes.

How does Dream Coat Color WOW work?

Dream Coat Color WOW is only activated with the heat of the hair dryer and should be used by spraying it all over the hair before drying.

Dream Coat Color WOW does not work: what to do?

If Dream Coat Color WOW does not work, review the drying: the hair must be wrung out well and the drying complete, not partial.

How is Dream Coat Color WOW used?

It is sprayed on damp, towel-dried hair, divided into sections and strands. Once sprayed, they dry their hair with a hair dryer.

Does Dream Coat Color Wow really work?

The answer is: absolutely yes! Contrary to various online reviews that deemed it useless, Color Wow’s prodigious spray actually works really well with excellent anti-frizz and anti-humidity effectiveness.

COLOR WOW Dream Coat sealing spray - 200 ml.

COLOR WOW Dream Coat sealing spray – 200 ml.


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Advantages and disadvantages


  • Anti-frizz effect
  • Anti-humidity effect
  • Lasting results for up to 3 washes
  • Smooth and silky hair
  • Extreme shine
  • Candy
  • Light texture without perfumes
  • It does not grease or dry out the hair
  • Easier to achieve and long-lasting styling
  • Thermal protection of straighteners, hair dryers and irons
  • Suitable for all hair


COLOR WOW Dream Coat Waterproofing Spray
Dream Coat Color Wow Review

“An invisible cloak” with magical moisture resistance properties that lasts for three days

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