How to take your hair to 50? The complete guide

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How to wear your hair at 50? As you have learned to always wear them, you would have to answer.

The perfect haircut and hairstyle, in fact, are the ones that make us feel better.

Fine words, however, collide with the harsh reality of facts.

50 is the age when not only do you feel more confident, thanks to the fact that your career has definitely taken off and you have fewer worries, but when the first signs of time start to appear that you want a little disguise.

And that is why, in this guide, we have collected the most appropriate haircuts for the 50s, dividing them into long, medium and short. Are you ready? It begins!

How to do your hair at 50

Long cuts for a femme fatale effect

The long haircut, especially suitable for those who have really a lot of hair, is particularly suitable for the 50s. It was once said that you should not wear long hair after a certain age. Today, however, certain barriers no longer matter and indeed, wearing long hair at 50 turns out to be an excellent idea for those who want to hide a not really youthful neck and skin that is starting to sag. What are the most popular haircuts?

Ok, the answer was almost obvious: long hair – up to the chest, but preferably below – with big waves. They have the advantage of being neat, perfect to wear in a formal gathering and youthful at the same time. Plus, with the new plates on the market today, it’s easy to achieve beachy curls and waves even at home. Also, to hide the first wrinkles on the forehead, you can wear long hair with a tuft or bangs.

For the sophisticated woman who, even at 50, wants to look absolutely natural, nothing beats long, curly hair. In addition to covering, it looks very young and at the same time, if you know how to use styling products well, clean and tidy. A cut much appreciated by the international jet set, and which, despite what one might think, will give you an extremely sophisticated look. And if you are smooth? Don’t worry, there’s always a perm!


The medium cut

Another popular way to wear your hair at 50 is to go for a medium cut, just above the shoulders. Yes but which one? In fact, there are several types.

  • Smooth and slightly chipped

Such a haircut brings several advantages. First, it highlights how, at 50, you truly reach the pinnacle of style and are able to bring your hair to the perfect length not only to frame the face, but to show off all the strengths. In addition, the scaling emphasizes the cheekbones, eyes and lips, but at the same time the length covers the neck and part of the neckline.

In short, a real smart cut! Moreover, even in this case, you can cover forehead wrinkles with bangs or a tuft, making your cut a little less stylish and a little more youthful.

  • The lob: the long bob adored by the stars

The lob is a helmet that stops a little above the shoulders, covering almost the entire neck. It’s a way to bring your hair to the 50s that’s modern, chic, and highlights your tendency to always follow the latest trends. Ideal for those who still have girlish skin, it has the advantage of giving a lot of volume, and is therefore also suitable for those who have low hair density. The trick? Cut it a little shorter on the back, so that the volume of the hair also gives you a few inches of height.


The most popular 50s short haircuts

Let’s face it: the short cut says at first glance that the woman who wears it is extremely confident in herself and her style. Taking that cut to 50, then, is definitely saying something. Who is it? Let’s find out!

The pixie is a way of doing hair born in the 60s, which consists of cutting the hair short – maximum 5 cm – by modeling the tips in order to frame the face. The modern version, which features shorter hair at the nape and longer at the top, is ideal for those who want to look younger. In addition, the hair cut in this way can also be styled with a rounded fringe or a tuft, and the volume is guaranteed. In short, for 50 truly roaring years!

The additional advice? Model it in a falsely disheveled way, with a bulkier part on the top of the head, which will give you a few inches, and tufts around the face. Perfect for enhancing eyes and cheekbones by distracting attention from wrinkles.

The haircut that above all speaks of style and elegance. A classic 50s helmet is a statement of independence and confidence in one’s charm. Smooth, just below the ear, and to combine with the tuft, the bangs or the bare forehead, it is not for nothing that the cut that the director of Vogue America has sported for years.

It has two additional advantages: the volume is extraordinary, and if you cut a little below the chin, you can cover the first wrinkles of the face while masking, when you are in profile, a slightly decreasing belly. In short, self-confident, but also cunning.

Let’s recap: the perfect fifty with our tips!

In short: how to bring back your hair to 50? How do you like that! Maximum freedom, but within the limits of common sense. First of all, it is good to reconsider your hairstyle, choosing the one that makes us feel seductive and completely safe, that hides without imprisoning us. In short, the right balance between freedom of movement and the freedom to feel beautiful at any age.

What we learned with this guide is that you can choose something that covers the neck, for example, but also short cuts that highlight your assets. There is no other rule than to find your ideal height and haircut, to wear with pride and feeling on top.

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