How to remove the redness of the sun from the face?

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Sunburn, rashes, but also the simple redness of tanning can also cause serious damage to the skin.

However, we continue to “fall into it” especially if we have a few days of vacation, it is generally quite tight and does not allow to interrupt long days at the beach or at the swimming pool.

However, especially for people with an olive complexion, it is not uncommon to feel the temptation to expose yourself to the sun without protection thinking that nothing will happen.

Well, as many of you know, that’s not the case.

So, whatever the skin tone, this little guide will help you learn how to remove the redness of the face from the sun. Are you ready? It begins!

Causes of skin redness when exposed to the sun

If you’ve ever found yourself in the situation of having to deal with sun redness, you’ve no doubt noticed that there are times when only sun redness appears that turns to tan within hours, and times where there he burns himself and is also very seriously injured. Well, what is this difference? Of course, some would say that it depends on the fact that you are exposed to the sun during the hottest hours of the day and that is somehow normal, since the sun is at its zenith.

True, but only partly. In fact, what can make the difference between simple redness from the sun and the need to remove a real sunburn from the face is the presence and concentration of UVA rays. These are by far the most aggressive ultraviolet rays – they also pass through windows – and harmful, and are present in their strongest concentration from noon to two or three in the afternoon. In short, if you want to prevent the problem from recurring, first make sure to protect your face at these times by applying a good SPF cream or, if possible, avoiding exposure to the sun.

redness of the sun

How to remove redness from the sun on the face: the most effective remedies

Cover up immediately and use cream and thermal water

As soon as you notice any redness from the sun on your skin, immediately run for cover: go home or, if you can’t, take a shower, reapply sunscreen and stay in the shade. Choose a sunscreen, this way you will also start moisturizing your skin immediately. And be careful: do not re-expose yourself to the sun until the problem is solved.

As long as you are outdoors after noticing the redness of the sun, try to cover up as much as possible. And above all, start working on the irritation by drinking plenty of water, reapplying the cream often and vaporizing the thermal water (remember to always carry a dose in the duffel bag).

Use an anti-burn or anti-redness cream

Check what kind of damage it is, whether it’s redness from the sun or a real sunburn. In the first case, apply a good after-sun cream – excellent Vichy products, but also Collistar, which has a line dedicated specifically to the sun. If, on the other hand, you face a burn, you should apply a specific product that relieves immediately, such as Foille Scotatture or Connettivina Sole, ointments that act precisely on the burns, desensitizing the area and promoting faster healing.

In the days that follow, consider alternating zinc-based products and moisturizers with vitamin E and collagen. In this way, you will promote cell regeneration. Finally, as soon as the sunburn is gone, do a light exfoliation to remove dead skin cells so that your tan is healthy and glowing.

Aloe vera and colloidal oatmeal: to soothe, hydrate and let the skin breathe

If you are a lover of natural remedies, there is a product called “a holy hand” for both tan redness and tan redness: in short, the number one enemy of sun blushing is – battery – aloe vera. With its powerful soothing properties known around the world for centuries, aloe reduces inflammation, eliminates redness and, being completely natural, allows the skin to breathe completely. And it also has remarkable moisturizing power. Excellent for the face and body, the only precaution is to buy natural aloe and free of synthetic ingredients.

And of course, what you need to do as soon as you see a hint of sun blush on your face and body is a nice bath with a generous dose of colloidal oatmeal. Not only will it help you get rid of redness, but it has a noticeable soothing effect that will help you stop feeling the discomfort of irritation and soften the skin.

aloe vera

Protects the skin even when the redness is gone

Let’s sum it up: whether you have an olive complexion or your skin is fair and sensitive, understanding how to treat your skin is not only helpful in eliminating the redness of sunburn and replacing it with beautiful, tanned skin, but also in helping the skin of face to heal faster and suffer less damage from UVA rays.

Indeed, the redness of the sunburn also involves a certain increase in free radicals, the main responsible for aging and skin damage. In short, knowing how to remove sun redness from your face will help you stay young. And that’s why, in this guide, we’ve covered causes for the best treatments, including natural treatments for those who only use eco-organic products.

And now that you know everything, an expert advice: when you find yourself with a problem of sun blush on the face, know that its effects are certainly not short-lived. As well as stimulating free radicals, the problem is also staying with thickened skin – so much so that many people who like to tan experience an unsightly “leather effect” – which is one of the main effects of the sun.

What to do? We’ve said it before: a nice scrub, lots of colloidal oatmeal baths and, in the winter, applying acid-based masks to remove the surface layer of the epidermis. You will come back like new!

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