How to put on the bandana? The ultimate guide

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The bandana is making a big comeback, and it’s sure that the trendiest of our readers have already noticed it.

Of course, from the traditional scarf that we loved so much among bikers, a lot has changed.

Today the bandana is a real fashion accessory, to be worn in a thousand different ways.

An example? Try to figure out how to put on the bandana by following the advice of models and influencers.

Too hard? We took care of it!

In this article we are going to tell you how to take advantage of the bandana to look your best and make all your friends jealous who want to appear in tune with the times. Seeing is believing!

The origins of the bandana

Everyone may not know it, but the famous scarf was not born around the necks of American bikers as one might think, but in India. If we take a closer look, in fact, the bandana shows a paisley pattern typical of Indian fabrics – for those who are not practical: the one with the “drops” – and even its name is Indian. Indeed, more precisely, it comes from Sanskrit.

When we think about how to put the bandana on, then we can start there, rediscover its true origins and use it to wear a slightly hippie element, reviving otherwise boring combinations.

We can wear our bandana on our head, but also put the handkerchief around our neck, maybe with a nice bow, or even use the bandana to brighten up a bag or backpack. Or, why not, our eco-friendly aluminum bottle! In short, there are a thousand ways to wear the bandana. Are you curious? Let’s discover them together.

How to put the bandana on the head in an original way

Let’s start with the most “common” use of the bandana, which is to put it on the head. We talk a lot about protecting yourself from sun damage and protecting your hair from smog and wind, so why not make it fashionable by using a bandana?

bandana in the head

In a turban, on the pineapple bun

You are on the beach and you don’t know how to do your hair anymore? Well, but with the bandana, of course! You can roll it up and simply tie it with a knot on your head, to wear as if it were a headband, ideal for holding back the bangs. But you can also go further, and wear the bandana like a turban, protecting all of the hair.

Tie your hair lightly – that is, loosely – at the top of your head. In short, the classic “pineapple” bun. At this point, fold the bandana in half and place it behind the head, bringing its edges closer to the forehead. Now take the folded part and bring it forward to cover the bun. Make a tight bow and tuck the top flap inside the bow. There you go, trendy and protected!

Let’s spice up a boring hairstyle for a picnic

There are situations that inevitably require the classic combination of jeans and a white t-shirt, but in which one inevitably feels banal. Then you try to add some cute sneakers or an unusual bag, and here you feel overdressed. But why not try a simple accessory?

In this case, the bandana you need is quite small. Now all you have to do is make yourself a bun or a ponytail, possibly on the top of your head, but it will also work on your back, and wrap your bandana around the elastic. For a more romantic effect, or if you want to camouflage hair that is not too thick, take a wider scarf and let the flaps float over your shoulders. Bingo: have a safe picnic!

Use the bandana to brighten up the closet

If you are wondering how to revive your wardrobe that seems hopelessly boring, know that in this case too, wearing our scarf will be really useful. Just think outside the box by playing on contrasts.

On an office look

Wearing the bandana instead of the scarf is a really original way to spice up an office look while attracting the envious glances of your colleagues. Also ideal for covering the neck during the cold months or if you have a sore throat.

Choose a black bandana with white patterns and tuck it inside the shirt – even better if it’s silk – wrapping it around your neck like you would your classic scarf. Add a matching cardigan or jacket and look at yourself in the mirror: the effect will be elegant but youthful and unusual.

The bag we no longer love

Nothing could be simpler: choose one or two bandanas in a matching or contrasting color and wrap them around the handles. You can also get two bandanas in different colors, if you want to feel more original. The extra trick? It is also used on luxury bags to protect the handles!

Using the bandana is easy, if you know how!

We’ve seen how to put it on hair and bags, and how to use it even in the office! And now that you know how to put on the bandana to protect yourself and give an extra touch to your look? Well, all you have to do is stock up on this beloved scarf and get it in every color!

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