How to make wavy (curly) hair? The ultimate guide

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Often we want to do something with the hair, to change a little.

Whoever curled them wants them straight, whoever curled them wants them curled.

Or, for a special occasion, you just want soft waves in your hair.

Yes, but how to make wavy hair? Or rather: how to make hair waves to look like a diva?

Our curly hair experts have mobilized for you and have prepared this mini guide.

You will find all the tips for making wavy hair, with curls, waves and curls at home, with the right products to give it a natural look and our tips for having wavy hair without damaging it.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

There are several types of wavy hair

When we ask ourselves how to make wavy hair, we must first ask ourselves: how much? Yes, because under the word “wavy” there are so many types of hair, including the craziest curls. So before understanding how to wave your hair, you have to ask yourself what you really want.

How to understand what you expect from your hair? Well, you have two solutions, and we recommend taking advantage of both. The first is to look at photos of models or celebrities on the internet and identify the type of hair you are interested in. For example, model Gigi Hadid often sports wavy to wavy hair, while actress Zendaya Coleman proudly wears her mane of curly hair.

What you need to do next is test at home which hairstyle suits you best. To help you in your choice, but especially in the products you should look for, we would like to provide you with a small vocabulary:

  • Wavy hair: it’s the most natural hair there is, even if it requires some preparation effort. It stays almost as disciplined as straight hair, meaning it doesn’t swell or create excessive volume, but it has asymmetrical waves as if you’ve blow-dried it;
  • Wavy hair: They are similar to wavy hair in terms of volume, but hair waves require symmetry and more discipline. It is because wavy hair is done with iron or blow dry and the thing must be clearly visible is their beauty;
  • Buckles: a little Shirley Temple style, but obviously adapted to our times, they give volume and we can already start talking about curly hair, they are among the easiest to do and have a symmetrical bushing;
  • Curly hair: are the ones sported by Zendaya, with very small and dense waves and curls, and the maximum volume. Paradoxically, if you have the right basics, they are among the easiest to achieve.

Good! Now that you know how to orient yourself to ask in perfumery exactly what you need, let’s understand how to make hair curly, wavy, undulations and curls!

How to make wavy hair

Wavy hair is quite simple to do at home, but there are two difficult points you need to pay attention to. The first is to make it look natural, and the second, a problem that particularly plagues those with straight hair, is to keep it wavy. The procedure changes depending on whether you have straight or curly hair to start with. Let’s see how:

For those with straight hair: to make straight hair wavy, you must start by drying it. Wash your hair with maybe less conditioner, then spray it with setting water. There are many on the market, which are often found under the name of “beach waves” which is the technical term for wavy hair.

At this point, dry them “naturally”, that is, using only the hair dryer with the diffuser. What you need to do, however, is take it section by section from the ends and squeeze it into your fist, giving the effect of wavy hair directly with your hands. When they finish drying, they will look natural as if you had air dried them.

For those with curly hair: who said that if you have curly hair you can’t make it wave? You just have to change the procedure, starting with making a smooth fold. At this point, apply the fixing water and divide the head into four sections, creating four different twists.

Don’t worry too much about symmetry – they’ll have to look broken. Wait until they are completely dry and that’s it.


Create soft waves in the hair

Hair waves are definitely that hairstyle capable of making every woman a classic Hollywood diva. Yet, at the same time, they look extremely contemporary. And with the added bonus that you can comfortably make them at home without much effort.

In this case, you need to start with straight, dried hair, so for example if you have curly hair, you need to iron first. Then take all the hair and make a high ponytail at the nape of the neck using a very light elastic, the spiral ones that we use today and that we find in all the best hairdressing shops are ideal.

At this point, wrap the tail then continue to wrap it in a circle on itself, forming a kind of bun that you will stop with light bobby pins. It is recommended to do it in the evening before going to sleep, so that the hair stays in place all night. Apply fixative water or hairspray before dissolving, and that’s it!

How to make curls

Curly hair has been a huge trend for the past ten years. Comfortable to do at home and able to pull off any hairstyle, from boring straight to curls with not quite even ends. Plus, you only need to use the straightener to make them, so they’re really handy.

If you have straight hair: start from the left by taking a small strand at chin level – at the level of the temple if you have a helmet – and hold the plate vertically by turning the wrist towards the nape of the neck. Get to the middle of your head then start again on the right side, doing the same movement, but in the opposite direction.

If you have curly hair: straighten your hair, holding the plate horizontally as you always do, but twist it vertically in the middle of the section and rotate it with your wrist.

For all hair types: the curls made with the straightener are really nice to look at, but then you have to make the hair natural or you will come across the hashtag “iron ring” which indicates these slightly old-fashioned hairstyles with curls too defined.

Let them cool first, waiting at least 20 minutes – 10 if it’s winter – then apply a little hairspray. Finally, upside down, shake your hair a little with your hands. Then give a shiny finish by applying a drop of oil that you have warmed between your hands, without exerting too much pressure.


How to make curly hair

And on to the last hairstyle! Curly hair is really great, especially if it is well disciplined. Those who have them sometimes hate them, but they can’t live without their lion’s mane. Unfortunately, for those with straight hair, there is no option to iron curly hair, so this is not a hairstyle you can do at home.

But the good news is that today’s products to create straight hair at the hairdresser are much less aggressive than the famous perm of the 80s. In short, if you want curly hair, contact a professional without fear. Some treatments are permanent, others are short-lived, and all will give you beautiful, natural-looking hair.

Warning: for those with curly hair that has lost its shape due to stress from too many patches – yes, it does happen – obviously you don’t need to perm. It is enough to use many nourishing products and to wait a few weeks so that the structure of the hair is reconstituted.

One last tip: all the hairstyles you want, without damaging your hair

Well yes, when you wonder how to do wavy hair, how to do curly hair or even how to do wavy hair, you often focus on having a nice hairstyle, maybe hair that has the looks natural, waves to sophisticated hair, but.. . Just for one night.

In short, there’s a lack of forethought, not calculating that subjecting hair to continuous long-term styling weakens and stresses it, until you develop split ends. And a vicious cycle is created, because damaged hair is more unruly and therefore requires more effort – more heat, more straighteners – to style it.

But how to have wavy hair without damaging it?

The advice is never to come to that, but to take preventative measures. First of all, what damages your hair? First, the heat. From hair dryers to straighteners. Therefore, always keep the hair dryer at least 20 cm away and never use the plate too often. What does “too often” mean? Every day. Do a good hairstyle twice a week and apply a heat-protecting product.

Lacquers and fixing waters are also very stressful. Both products use sodium, a real ally to fix straight, curly and wavy hair. However, sodium also dehydrates them, and therefore in this case too, these are products to be used in moderation, possibly only on special occasions, and then to restore hydration with nourishing creams.

And now, enjoy your beautiful wavy hair!

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