How to have perfect skin (uniform face) – The complete guide

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Having flawless skin is everyone’s dream, but not everyone knows how to take care of facial skin.

Smooth, full skin that shows no signs of fatigue and, perhaps, is just as glowing.

Let’s face it: we envy everyone who wears such skin.

But what if we told you that once you discover how to have flawless skin, you’ll find that it’s not only easy, but also fun and relaxing?

In this article we will offer you a mini guide to always have perfect skin. Treatments, products and everything you need to fight pimples and wrinkles.

Does curiosity skyrocket? All you have to do is start reading!

skin problems

Before explaining how to have perfect skin and learning how to treat facial skin with all the essential steps, let’s stop for a moment to talk about the different problems that the skin can present. Like, how? You don’t know what it’s for? Well, know that for each problem there are products and treatments with specific active ingredients.

Some examples ?

  • Oily skin will need sebum-regulating products, which on the one hand eliminate – and prevent its reappearance – of the oily layer and, on the other hand, are not too aggressive for the skin, which would otherwise react by producing even more sebum. . These people are also recommended specific masks to eliminate impurities.
  • Completely different skin products are for those who, on the other hand, have skin that shows the first signs of aging. In this case, to be perfect, the skin must be nourished with very full-bodied products, which offer hydration and protection from the outside, and stimulate the production of collagen from the inside for a plumped effect.
  • Between these two extremes there are also many variations: combination skin, dry skin, delicate skin prone to redness, first signs of aging and mature skin. A specific line of products is dedicated to each type of leather.

The good news? The products change, but not the skin treatment techniques. Which are they? Let’s find out together!

How to have perfect skin: all the steps step by step

We have just said it: the technique for having perfect skin is the same for all skin types. To change, only products should contain specific active ingredients depending on what is needed to improve facial skin. In short, beauty, but personalized! So let’s see what are the steps for skin care.

Daily cleaning

Whether you spend the whole day walking around wearing makeup, or your day is spent without makeup and sheltered at home, the first answer to the question “how to have perfect skin?” is: dedicate yourself to daily cleaning.

There are several methods of cleansing the skin:

  • Double cleaning: This is a type of dual-stage cleaning, which involves the use of an oil-based detergent and then a foaming detergent. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time between smog and makeup, as it removes any residue of dirt and makeup without being too harsh.

The double cleaning can be done with the hands, but also with the help of a natural sponge, a microfiber cloth, or a silicone bristle pad. Cuddle her more? The vibrating silicone cushion that, in addition to cleaning the skin, performs a stimulating massage. It guarantees deep cleaning and also revitalizes microcirculation.

  • Cleansing butter: Cleansing butter is a cleanser with a creamy, almost solid composition. Among its advantages, it is able to easily remove even the most resistant make-up, such as waterproof mascara, while remaining gentle on the skin. It can be used alone or instead of oily detergent in double cleaning.
  • Micellar water: it is a water in which there are microparticles – micelles, in fact – of detergent. It’s extremely delicate, so it’s great both for skin that tends to irritate, and for cleansing when you haven’t put on makeup and been in the middle of smog.

daily cleaning

Tone and revitalize the skin

Once your skin is clean and all traces of sebum and makeup have been eliminated, it’s time to restore the hydrolipidic film. But first, let’s give him an extra hug. In this phase, your skin is at its maximum receptivity, so it’s time to apply all the active ingredients you want to penetrate deeply.

Those with oily skin can devote themselves to disinfection of pores and pimples under the skin by applying a toner. On the other hand, those who wish to boost hydration, block cellular aging, or have luscious and luminous skin, can apply a serum with the same active ingredients – or with compatible active ingredients – of the moisturizing cream.

This is also the phase in which to focus on the eye area. In this area, the skin is very thin and poorly irrigated. Therefore, he needs extra help. Also in the eye area, you can apply a serum before the cream, perhaps dabbing on a few drops of caffeine to boost bio-revitalization and counter puffiness and dark circles.

When it comes to serums, it is particularly important to find out about the active ingredients. These products are characterized by particular effectiveness, and are often not compatible with all types of creams. The ideal is to make the difference between night and day – especially if you use retinol – in order to offer your perfect skin complete care.

Please note: we have described this phase as if it were a single step, and as if the products were alternatives to each other. It depends on whether skins tend to have specific issues. However, if for example you have oily skin and you also want to fight against the first wrinkles, nothing prevents you from using both a toner and a moisturizing serum!


Restore the hydrolipidic film: day creams and night creams

And here we are at the last step of our daily care: the cream! Whether it is “only” moisturizing, sebum-regulating, nourishing or plumping, your cream is your best ally. Not only do its active ingredients penetrate deeply, but it is also the product which, by forming a film on the skin, protects it from external agents. Improve the skin of the face, but also protect it therefore.

Assuming the importance of cream, let’s move on to some professional advice. First: use the cream to dedicate yourself to a biorevitalizing self-massage. Apply it by spreading it on the forehead from the center to the sides and upwards, and perform the same movement on the cheeks and jawline for a lifting effect. Also, you can give yourself small pinches around the eyes for circulation.

Also, do you know that the skin has its own roadmap? From midnight, the cell regeneration process begins. So if you want the active ingredient in your cream to be most effective, apply it before midnight. In this way, its action will be maximized. Ideal especially if you want to eliminate spots and wrinkles.

Finally, let’s talk about the active ingredients. As you may need more than one asset, and may not find them all together in the same product, the advice is to differentiate. Buy a more nourishing cream with more “aggressive” actives for the night (a classic example is retinol), and use a lighter product for the day instead.

From SPF to mask: tips to keep the skin always on top

Well, now that you know how to get flawless skin with the daily beauty treatment, we can move on to more advanced tips for those who have specific concerns or want to dedicate some extra care to truly flawless skin.

  • On the one hand, even if it’s raining and cold, never go out without putting on sunscreen. It is not necessary to apply the SPF 50 cream that we use on the beach, but it is essential to apply a moisturizer or make-up with a protection factor, since the sun is the first responsible for cellular aging , and UVA rays also filter through windows or when the sky is cloudy.
  • Then, at least once a week, treat yourself to a nice mask. The simple fact of having to spend twenty minutes in absolute rest will make the skin more beautiful. The masks also have more concentrated active ingredients, and give a boost to your daily beauty routine. You can choose them moisturizing, or with the same specific effects as the products you use every day.
  • And when there are already the first wrinkles – this is also valid for the rings of Venus in the neck, and for a décolleté that tends to show the signs of your sleeping position – do not hesitate to use acidic products and lightly exfoliating for masks. In this case, however, you then have to compensate with nutritious products.

Finally: neck and décolleté chapter. These are areas that are as exposed as the face, and therefore undergo the same aging process. However, we don’t always notice it. The result is to end up with a full and luminous face, and a neck that betrays a certain carelessness, in short, skin that is anything but perfect. What to do?

The ideal is to use the face cream also on the neck and décolleté, up to the hollow of the chest. But it is even more appropriate, since the skin around and under the collarbones is thinner, to use a product with active ingredients that act deep in the dermis, nourishing and stimulating the skin.

And now: enjoy your flawless skin!

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