How to get rid of facial blemishes? The complete guide

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Dark spots on the face are a problem that many people face, especially with age.

From hydrogen peroxide to vitamin C creams, many people today are wondering how to get rid of facial blemishes.

Yeah, how do you do? Is it possible to naturally lighten facial skin and remove those annoying blemishes?

Are there effective remedies to eliminate stains?

To answer these questions and many more, our experts have prepared a mini guide for you. Just keep reading and get ready to have flawless skin!

Why do spots form on the face

They were only there the day before, and then, poof! Suddenly, one day, you wake up and notice spots on your facial skin, areas of darker color, as if you have sunburn in patches. You can find them on the forehead, on the sides of the nose, around the lips – when they are not on the upper lip, with an annoying mustache effect – or on the cheeks.

In this last area, in particular, the dark spots tend to appear in patches, which makes the skin of the face appear immediately older. Oh yes, because if you don’t immediately proceed with the removal of spots from the face, they darken until they reach a color that makes the skin look dated. In fact, spotting is one of the most obvious aspects of cellular aging.

Yes, but what are the causes of spots on the face? Let’s start by saying that the ultimate cause is the uneven distribution of melanin, the substance that darkens the skin when we tan. This unequal distribution may, however, have several factors at its origin.

  • age: we just said, this is the reason why, when you have pimples, you have the perception of looking a little more mature. With age, the distribution of melanin becomes more and more irregular, until the formation of distinctly darker spots, such as large freckles;
  • Smoke: it is a factor related to cellular aging. Or rather, it is one of its causes. Cigarette smoke oxidizes radicals causing damage even to facial skin, including dark spots;
  • An irregular diet: especially if rich in sugars and industrial products. Also in this case, the cause must be sought in the process of tissue oxidation, aggravated by the internal inflammatory state caused by sugars;
  • Alcohol: no, we are not inviting you to put down that glass of red wine. Alcohol is contained in various cosmetic products, as it is an excellent ally in the preservation of active ingredients and perfumes.

So be careful about the products you use: alcohol-based creams and perfumes are among the main causes of facial blemishes, which is why in summer, for example, it is not recommended to use the perfume used in winter;

  • Hormones and antibiotics: in general, some medications, the birth control pill and antibiotics in the first place, cause among the side effects a greater photosensitization of the skin, which therefore also tends to increase the spots on the face.
  • Sun: and we come to one of the main “culprits”. Yes, because the sun stimulates the production of melanin in the skin. All the factors we have listed must therefore be related to the sun. For example, if you take antibiotics, you have to worry about always applying a cream with SPF 50.


How to remove dark spots from the face (even with natural remedies)

And now we come to the juice: we’re sure you’re all wondering at this point how to remove spots from the face. Well, first you need to know that you can lighten your skin in two ways. You can indeed use chemicals, or even the help of a dermatologist. This is particularly suitable, especially for those with very dark spots that remain evident when the tan wears off.

But you can also get rid of blemishes on your face the natural way, using these home remedies that everyone, especially women, has been using since ancient times, when white skin was one of the key factors. aesthetics. However, while these remedies are gentler on the skin and arguably less expensive, they are only effective when pimples are superficial.

But in short, we want to know how to remove blemishes from the face with the best remedies to eliminate any blemish? Yes? Let’s start!

Cosmetic remedies to remove blemishes

Let’s start with cosmetic remedies, those that also resort to chemical solutions – or mechanical ones, such as laser or pulsed light – will affect deeply. When the spots on the skin of the face are particularly dark, in order to eliminate the imperfection effectively, it is necessary to act on two fronts, since dealing only with lightening, as happens to eliminate superficial spots, is not enough.

It is a double action, particularly beneficial if, at the same time, a product that stimulates cellular rejuvenation is also used. But let’s see it in detail:

  • Chemical or mechanical peeling: removing facial blemishes, in short, first requires the exfoliation of the most superficial layers of the epidermis, that is, the removal of the layers of skin that are now irreparably compromised. You can do it with a laser at the dermatologist, or with creams based on glycolic acid, in the first case we speak of mechanical peeling, and in the second of chemical peeling.

Specifically, chemical peels are used at home when the problem is still relatively superficial. In this case, of course, you will have to be careful to always wear a good sunscreen. Mechanical peeling, on the other hand, is necessary when the spots are very dark. An example? The laser is used to remove facial hyperpigmentation related to scars or freckles.

  • Lightening products: once the superficial layers of the epidermis have been removed – or at the same time, if you are doing a chemical peel at home – proceed to eliminate the darkest color using lightening products. These are specific cosmetic creams, based on vitamin C. Vitamin C remains the most powerful lightener on the market. It has antioxidant power, renews the skin and makes it brighter.
  • Cell renewal: we have already said. Not only does it remove the superficial layers of skin from the face, but it also allows the skin to renew itself from within. Green light to products based on collagen, but also retinol and alpha hydroxy acids. In addition, it is a good idea to also take care of food and sleep, so that the skin is put in the best conditions to work on cell renewal.

Natural remedies to lighten facial skin

We have already said it above: since in the past – a not too distant past: tanning only became “cool” around the 60s – white skin was practically essential if one wanted to be beautiful, remedies to maintain a fair complexion in a natural way go back almost to the dawn of time. Good for us, because it means that the effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide & Cie is fully proven.

But at the same time, since these were remedies that were going to affect sun-protected skin – ah, good old prevention! – obviously we are talking about systems for removing stains from the skin of the face that have an effect on lighter and more superficial stains. Also be careful: the skin subjected to the treatment is photosensitive, so always wear sunscreen.

Also in this case, however, the action is always double:

  • Hydrogen peroxide: slightly lightening, its acidity works practically like a natural peeling. It should be lightly dabbed with a cotton swab in the morning and evening;
  • Lemon juice: the best known remedy for removing stains. Think that the women of the nobility used to make sponges with sugar and lemon juice to keep the skin not only white, but also soft and glowing. Also in this case, dab gently on the skin of the face both in the morning and in the evening.

An important thing to know about natural remedies is that if they are less aggressive than chemicals due to the lower concentration of active ingredient, they also require more patience. In a nutshell: Don’t rush or get discouraged if your skin doesn’t clear up after a week. But we’ll talk about that in the next paragraph.

lemon juice

The final tip: how long does it take to lighten the skin?

When you wonder how to remove blemishes from your face, it implies that you are looking for an effective solution to remove blemishes and brighten your face. But at the same time, especially for today’s cosmetic habits, if a product does not give us results in a short time, we abandon it thinking that it does not work for us.

Here, if it doesn’t go with any type of cosmetic, when it comes to lightening and removing blemishes from the skin of the face, it is even more the case. No remedy, not even the laser, will work the first time. You need to have a lot of patience and consider that often even in a year the problem may not be solved.

In short, apply your remedies patiently, and if you want to have proof of their effectiveness don’t focus on the imperfections – getting rid of them takes a very, very long time – but on its radiance. Does the face appear more compact and shiny? Perfect, your products work!

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