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off topic review

Offtopic is a young Italian brand, specializing in the creation of high-end products in mulberry silk.

It is a company that was born with the vocation of combining Italian design with the quality of silk to offer unique products that eliminate certain problems.

Silk products have several advantages.

The biggest advantage of using silk products (think pillowcases!) is the ability of the latter not to absorb products such as creams and oils (applied just before bedtime) which can then continue to work undisturbed on the skin overnight.

Additionally, mulberry silk is able to maintain the natural hydration of the skin and hair keeping them hydrated and can create up to 43% less friction than the same cotton pillowcases.

We note that all off-topic products are certified OEKO-TEX®.

OEKO TEX is a unique certification and control standard in the sector of textile raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, which marks products that pose no health risk to consumers.

Offtopic is the landmark in Italy in pure silk pillowcases and accessories. They do not use intermediaries and for this reason they tend to drop the price as much as possible.

But what do offtopic’s silk products look like?

The company kindly offered us two products, which we were able to test.

The Bestsellerthe Pillowcase in 100% pure natural silk and a very useful accessory, Silk elastic.

Let’s see them!

OFFTOPIC – Elastic Oeko-Tex Hair Silk

The first product we had the chance to try was the mulberry silk hair tie.

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Thanks to the natural properties of pure silk, this elastic allows you to preserve the well-being and shine of the hair, neutralizing hair breakage, leaving no trace after use (unlike ordinary hair elastics). Pure silk is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

super soft

Suitable for both an evening look and an “office” look

The elastic does not come loose and is perfect for any type of hair (curly, straight or wavy). It leaves no traces on the hair and avoids creating knots or tensions.

What we appreciated the most is that this elastic, by its nature, respects the hydration of the hair effectively reduce frizz.

The design is also excellent. We find a selection of 10 different colors, with minimal and eco-sustainable packaging.

It’s a product that we really liked, and that we could also recommend as an excellent gift idea (but the packaging is minimal: in the case of a gift we make a beautiful gift box!!).

OFFTOPIC – Oeko-Tex silk hair elastic – See the price on

OFFTOPIC – Pillowcase in 100% pure natural silk 22 momme

The offtopic silk pillowcase is undoubtedly one of the company’s best products, able to offer A lot of advantages that we would never have imagined.

We notice first of all that the hair is shinier and less frizzy: this is because the pillowcase prevents the pillow from absorbing moisture from the hair! Your hair won’t tangle overnight and will be less messy during the day.

The particularity that we appreciated the most is the effective protection of the skin.

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Silk pillowcases, in fact, avoid the formation of fine lines and “sleep” folds. Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk pillowcases They do NOT absorb moisture from the skin leaving it hydrated and supple all night.

The offtopic pillowcases we tested are made of 22 momme grade 6A PURE SILK. It is a different (and better) type of silk than silk sateen pillowcases, 19 momme or less mulberry silk, sateen or cotton pillowcases. Some of these fabrics, such as satin and satin, can be processed with plastics and could even harm the health of skin and hair!

Not only that, but the silk avoids absorbing any face creams, which will therefore remain on the skin all night and allow the active ingredients to act.

One thing we weren’t aware of was that Offtopic Silk contains two natural proteins and 18 essential amino acidswhich care for the skin during sleep and boost its hydration.

The sericin it is the effective silk protein against wrinkles and signs of aging. Its film-forming properties, in fact, are also capable of reducing minor skin roughness.

Numerous studies have shown the smoothing and anti-wrinkle effect of silk proteins.

off topic review

In short, overall we were really impressed with the quality and effectiveness of this type of pillowcase.

With a little trick, like changing the pillowcase, you can have them countless benefits, especially for the skin and hair, which will gain in vigor and health.

We didn’t know about these products, but we really liked them. In addition, the company is completely Italian, which made us appreciate it even more!

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Really recommended!

OFFTOPIC – Pillowcase in 100% pure silk 22 momme – See Price on

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