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Lavender hair is slowly taking over the world! They have an irresistible magical and magical touch, the shades and intensities are endless, they are luminous, without a doubt original. They make your appearance unique, despite the unusual shade, they are versatile and very portable.

lavender hair

Are you planning to change your look? Appreciate this shade so feminine and delicate that it adapts to the color of your eyes, your complexion and above all your personality. A good professional will certainly be able to recommend the perfect style for your needs. You can choose a spring or intense lavender shade alto to wear all year round. Read on to discover the most popular colors, cuts and hairstyles of the moment!

It is a charming and sophisticated look; is the result of an elaborate blend of different shades of lavender. Darker roots add dimension and depth, blending perfectly with natural dark brown hair. Light ends lighten the style.

lavender hair with darker roots
Instagram: @UNIQUE_DONNA

Create two gorgeous lavender highlights right next to your cheeks to frame your face and add a modern touch to your look. This is the ideal choice if you wear an asymmetrical bob, perfect for emphasizing facial features and complexion, which appear more luminous and feminine.

Just the lavender fringe and outline

Do you have porcelain skin? Try this beautiful shade of purple, intense and very refined. Dark lavender hair that gradually fades into lighter shades illuminates the face and draws attention to your eyes, making them magnetic.

dark lavender hair
Instagram / @AAASHLEEE

Instead of black or brown roots, why not try a stunning bright lavender shade that fades to platinum blonde? The high gloss, sometimes metallic finish will make your hair shine beyond compare, especially under the evening lights.

Intense lavender roots

Blonde hair with lavender undertones is bound to become popular, just like strawberry blonde years ago. It’s a real “mermaid” look, especially if your hair is long and wavy. Use a heat protectant to protect the color, a purple shampoo to eliminate yellow highlights and a good moisturizer to make the color last longer.

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blonde hair with lavender undertones

This gorgeous choppy bob features a sophisticated transition with dark roots and pastel lavender/pink tips. Try this idea if you like mixed colors and like to experiment with different looks in one solution.

lavender hair 6

Pastel shades are always in vogue; why not give them a try if you have an unconditional love for purple? “Powdery” lavender gives a lot to long, wavy hair. It is very elegant and goes well with skin tones with neutral undertones.

Pastel Lavender Wavy Wavy Hair

Do you like intense and luminous colors but your style requires something less flashy? Here is the solution! For the best of both worlds, try an ash lilac shade, to be paired with a brighter undercoat.

Hiding your whimsical side will be super easy, just pull your hair up in a low ponytail!

Pastel Hair with Shiny Lavender Hidden Highlights
Instagram / @HAIRBYNOORA

A must try if you have platinum blonde hair and want to play around with something totally new and fresh (without too much effort). Buy a pale lavender semi-permanent hair dye that you can also do effortlessly at home. This shade is particularly suitable for medium and neutral skin tones.

Lavender on platinum blonde hair

If, on the contrary, you prefer intense colors, try a warm lavender shade, perfect if you have a honey complexion. Attention! Remember that a similar shade requires proper and constant maintenance by the hairdresser.

To keep your hair shiny and shiny, wash it with warm or cold water and use a shampoo for colored hair.

lavender hair 10

Hair colors and haircuts are an effective way to express your personality. If you are a strong and bold girl on the outside, but delicate and romantic on the inside, here is an explosive combination to consider.

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The “faux hawk” look with undercut is synonymous with gritty personality, while the lavender color is synonymous with femininity.

To cut "false hawk" lavender color

Are you looking for new products to enhance your natural dark brown hair? Think lavender ombré. Dark brown blends perfectly with the delicate lilac shade. The final effect is really sleek and chic, especially if you have long, full-bodied hair.

lavender hair 12
Before and after: Ig / @KIMWASABI

Want to spice up your classic bob with a fun and unusual pop of color? Here is the solution! The dazzling purple highlights combine perfectly with the pink highlights, alternating warm and cool colors, for a real rock star look!

Lilac and Pink Ombre Bob

The process of coloring curly purple hair is sometimes long and complicated. But it’s worth it! If you have amber skin, choose a warm, light shade with a gold/pink undertone. Again, you will need to visit the hairdresser often for monthly touch-ups.

Even though lavender hair color comes in a wide variety of shades, pastel is undoubtedly still the most popular. The secret? Dusty shades work well with all skin tones and are less demanding than more intense shades.

Lavender reflections on a silver base divinely illuminate fair skin, accentuating facial features. The stunning combination looks amazing on wavy hair. If you like the mermaid look, don’t miss this idea!

This rich lavender hue is sure to get your heart racing if you love unusual hair dyes. Do you have long, thick and naturally wavy hair? The “red carpet” effect is guaranteed! Apply moisturizing lotion to keep your hair shiny and frizz-free.

Matching purple to the pixie look is almost a given; They are made for each other! The fresh and rebellious haircut will become a real styling masterpiece if combined with a very bright lavender color.

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Dusty lilac hair looks even better when paired with dark roots. This particular color combination gives volume and depth to the hair, illuminates it with style and makes your look irresistible.

All of those pretty pastel or jazzy purple hues require serious bleaching work if you have dark hair. If you don’t feel like stressing out your hair, you can always opt for a subtle lavender shade over your natural shade.

Do you want to put a bright color in your natural hair? lavender is a trendy solution to try right away. If you have naturally dark hair, choose a light lilac undercoat. Conversely, try dark purple hues if you have blonde hair.

This gorgeous balayage features a smooth transition from naturally dark roots to delicate light and lavender undertones. The striking contrast emphasizes the purple locks. The little extra: for a better effect, choose a lavender shade that matches the color of your eyes (ask your hairdresser for advice).

If you want to stand out from the crowd, electric lavender hair is what you are looking for. A look like this is a great way to express yourself and show that you’re not afraid to experiment with your looks. What do you think?

Lavender hair is a fresh and trendy idea, perfect for spicing up your personal style and expressing your vibrant personality. If you choose this hair shade, consider constantly applying targeted products to moisturize your mermaid locks to make them shine longer.

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