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Dark brown hair is currently all the rage; many celebrities have switched to this shade, attracted by the mysterious charm of brown hair. Before making a drastic change, there are some aspects you should carefully consider, keep reading the post to find out. Don’t rush things, or you might regret it!

Who is dark brown hair suitable for?

Brown hair has tons of shades and is just as customizable as blonde hair. Finding the perfect shade for your skin tone won’t be difficult with the help of a good colorist.

Dark shades are often scary, because poorly chosen, they harden the features and dull the complexion. This is why it is important to rely on expert hands, who will be able to give you the best advice.

Looking for an easy way to identify shades that might work well with your skin? Take a look at your wardrobe! If you wear a lot of red, brick, copper etc. you will certainly be more comfortable with a pretty warm and enveloping brown. If on the contrary you prefer colors like blue, purple, light blue etc. it is better to opt for an impeccable cool brown.

Hairstyles for dark brown hair

Don’t think that brown hair is flat and lacks personality; they can be just as fun as other shades, you just have to know how to choose them correctly! Balayage, highlights, foilyage and ombré are just a few of the techniques applicable to brunette hair. Here are 14 ideas you won’t be able to resist!

1. Sleek Dark Brown Hair

Stylish dark brown hair

Long, super shiny, with soft almost black waves: this hair is glamorous and romantic. Use a highly hydrating conditioner to boost your hair’s shine and eliminate frizz. Also apply a shiny oil to get a real mirror effect!

2. Warm brown highlights

Hot brown highlights

The warm brown beautifully reflects the light, reminiscent of the enveloping shades of dark chocolate and still hot coffee. It is the perfect idea to renew your look, with a captivating and fashionable hairstyle.

3. Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

dark brown hair with highlights

You don’t want to give up the light points? Balayage gives a natural and luminous look, for a “tanned” look. Create subtle highlights that contrast with brown hair. You will attract highlights to your hair, enhancing the base shade.

4. Coffee-colored hair

coffee color hair

If your hair is voluminous and full-bodied, with a surprisingly rich and shiny texture, this is the perfect color for you! The intense brown is accentuated with delicate highlights, which provide shape and dimension. If you have fair skin, try blonde or light brown highlights.

5. Dark brown hair with blonde highlights around the face

dark brown hair with blonde highlights around the face

Add a pop of light to your brunette hair by creating two blonde highlights on the sides of the face to frame and illuminate it. This idea will make your look playful and fresh. The stronger the contrast between the natural color of your hair and the lightened locks, the greater the “pop star” effect will be.

6. Dark brown hair with red highlights

6. Dark brown hair with red highlights

A good hairstyle always starts with a good cut. Ask your hairstylist for a bespoke style that perfectly suits your face and skin tone. Do you have a medium complexion? Try red highlights and you won’t regret it!

7. Dark Chocolate Hairstyle with Golden Highlights

Dark Chocolate Brown Hairstyle with Golden Highlights

Get a radiant look with this beautiful shade of hair. Dark brown pairs divinely with warm honey undertones, creating a bright and radiant Hollywood diva beach look.

8. Dark Brown Straight Hair

Dark Brown Straight Hair

If we talk about timeless hairstyles, we cannot fail to mention a trend that will never go out of fashion: straight hair. If you have them long and healthy, creating a cover look will be a breeze. Add accessories and details of your choice to give your hair more personality.

9. Dark brown with cool undertones

Dark brown with cool undertones

This is one of the latest trends of the moment: creating cool reflections on chestnut, dark and very shiny hair. It is a very elegant and feminine combination, which is particularly suitable for fair complexions. Create soft waves with large curlers to add volume to your hair.

10. Dark auburn hair

dark auburn hair

The warm shade of copper gives softness to the look; it is perfect for summer, as it recalls the effect of the sun which naturally lightens the hair. A mahogany shade with amber undertones brings light to the face, especially enhancing the look.

11. Black hair with soft waves

dark hair with soft waves

Are you a proud owner of dark hair and just want to spice it up a bit? Try minimal brown highlights, expertly placed between your natural waves. The lighter shade frames the face and gives dimension to the look, for a natural and sober effect.

12. Long dark brown hair

Long dark brown hair
Author – Instagram @lindseymayhair/

The deep dark chocolate hue comes to life with caramel highlights, playfully spread all over the head. Again, create soft waves focusing mostly on the tips, like a real mermaid!

13. Dark hair with mahogany undertones

dark hair with mahogany undertones

Mahogany allows you to approach red on tiptoe, without completely distorting your hair. The sun’s rays create beautiful reddish reflections, which directly illuminate the face. This is the perfect hairstyle if you have long, slightly wavy hair.

14. Dark brown hair with golden highlights

dark brown hair with golden highlights

It’s the perfect example of how to revive dark tones by adding dimension and depth to hair. Lightening your natural color slightly will make your hair look fuller and shinier. Darker roots will create a beautiful “waterfall” effect!

How to keep dark brown hair?

“How many times will I have to go to the hairdresser? This is the question you will certainly ask yourself. Like any other hair dye, brown also has a huge range of different shades.

If you have lighter hair, the regrowth will be more evident and you will have to go to the hairdresser every 15/20 days. Some techniques like balayage and ombre make maintenance a lot simpler, keeping you looking neat and natural for much longer.

Does coloring dark hair hurt less?

Each dye contains a reagent needed to change the base hair color. It is a real chemical process. Does that mean it will damage your hair? No, it will simply change the natural makeup of the hair.

Does the blonde shade do more damage than the dark shade? No, it’s an urban legend! Brown hair is shinier precisely because of highlights and play of light. Going dark is not a magic potion! It will not be helpful in removing split ends or repairing broken hair!

Dark brown hair is currently an Instagram hit, loved and sported by models and influencers all over the world. What do you think? Is your hair color? We look forward to seeing you in the comments!

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