10 beauty tips to be on top!

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Sand, sea, swimming pool, sun and salt are good for the mood, but not for the hair. The heat makes the scalp more dry, brittle and faded. That’s why it’s important to learn how to take care of your hair in summer, with additional treatments to try immediately, like in a real beauty salon!

Why is the hair damaged during the summer season? Just like the skin, the main problem is exposure to UV rays, both when you are at the beach and when you spend your days relaxing outside.

Hairstyles for the sea, the beach and vacation photos

Usually you associate the sun with sunburn, you almost never think about damage to your hair, especially if it is chemically treated with dyes, perms and bleaches. Heat-operated styling plates and accessories also contribute to dryness of the scalp, which is accentuated by the sun.

Finally, the chlorine from the swimming pool and the high salt content of the sea will damage your hair if it is not maintained properly. Chlorinated water and seawater deeply dehydrate the hair, swelling the cuticles of the outer layer of the shaft, causing damage. Repeatedly drying your hair in the summer sun increases the problem.

That doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors and sacrifice all the fun just to keep your hair healthy and shiny! Just put these simple tips into practice to take good care of your hair in summer, without risk.

1. Cover your hair with a hat or scarf

It’s fashionable, useful and healthy advice! With this little trick, you’ll be doing your hair a huge favor, keeping it protected and sheltered from the sun. Wear a nice hat, or a femininely tied bandana on your head, to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

If you really don’t like the idea of ​​covering your head, apply a generous amount of conditioner to your hair before going out. Leave on without rinsing to rehydrate and nourish the hair.

2. Avoid using hot plates and accessories

Plates and others are strictly prohibited during the summer! Your hair is already stressed enough to cope with the sun and the lack of hydration. Avoid stressing them out even more!

It will be a good opportunity to show your natural look and try sultry and fresh hairstyles. The same goes for the hair dryer; save it for the colder months.

3. Don’t wash your hair every day

The sebum produced naturally by the scalp exists for a more than valid reason. Eliminating it every day with shampoo and conditioner becomes counterproductive and risky. Wash your hair twice a week, even in summer.

Natural sebum keeps the scalp healthy, hydrated and protected. Forms a surface barrier, useful to protect the hair from oxidative damage and atmospheric agents such as heat, wind and sun. This magical barrier also wards off many pathogenic microbes responsible for itching and dandruff. Let your sebum do its job, your hair will stay naturally hydrated and protected.

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4. Wash your hair in cold water

To take good care of your hair in summer, choose to wash it with cold water. The hot shower is undoubtedly more pleasant and relaxing, but it risks eliminating the natural sebum, making the hair fragile and brittle.

Cold water, on the other hand, seals the cuticles and keeps them hydrated, fighting dryness and hated frizz.

5. Choose hairstyles that are comfortable and not tight

Avoid tying your hair tightly during the summer; it’s an unhealthy habit that pulls out and chokes hair, especially when it’s dry and brittle. Go for a comfortable and fresh style, like a nice soft braid, for example.

This simple trick will keep your hair glamorous, without pulling or tearing it. You will also reduce the area of ​​the area exposed to direct sunlight, thus preventing further damage.

6. Do the hair mask once a week

Apply a good moisturizing hair mask once a week; or even two if you notice significant dehydration. You can find a wide selection of pre-packaged, ready-to-use products with different features designed for each hair type.

Do you prefer DIY? Create a homemade mask by mixing organic olive oil and mashed avocado pulp. Apply the mixture to all of your hair using your fingers. Leave on for an hour, then rinse and proceed with the traditional wash (do not overdo it with the conditioner).

7. Protect your hair even while swimming

Be sure to protect your hair before going swimming. Apply a specific sunscreen, a nourishing oil or a spray with SPF (or simply run your fingers “soiled” with sunscreen through your hair). Prolonged exposure to the sun harms the scalp, even when you’re in the water.

Alternatively, if you like the idea, you can straight up wear a colorful cap, perhaps in a vintage style. You will completely avoid direct contact with the sun’s rays, the salinity of the sea or the chlorine of the swimming pool.

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8. Only use wide tooth combs when your hair is wet

Fine brushes and combs are also prohibited to properly maintain your hair in summer, especially when it is wet. Improper use of these accessories breaks the strands, damaging the hair.

The wide comb is much safer and more delicate, especially the wooden one. It is the best solution for detangling wet hair, without tearing it.

9. Choose products carefully to moisturize your hair

Almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, shea butter, etc., are all quality natural ingredients capable of providing optimal hydration to your hair.

Choose your favorite and apply it regularly, to protect hair from the sun and keep it hydrated, shiny, nourished and soft.

10. Do not abuse colors!

Hair dye and daylight saving time are not good friends; especially if you like extreme looks with fades and other harsh treatments. How to fix it? Take extra precautions, such as covering your head on the outside and applying moisturizers with SPF. What happens if you don’t? The hair dries out and frays, even more than usual.

For the summer choose more delicate colors, such as those without ammonia for example, to combine with specific products for dyed hair.

Don’t forget to practice these valuable summer beauty tips to avoid messes and problems. You can flaunt healthy, shiny hair even on the beach, just with a little extra attention!

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